Yr 11’s A Novel Idea for the Weekend

Don’t forget your given mission for this weekend is to complete the novel Mr Pip.

You will be given a section on which you are to deliver a tutorial, so it will be handy to know the whole text 🙂

Happy reading, see you next week.


Yr 10’s Summaries

For a strong example of what I will be expecting, ask Matt (with chocolate ready to offer him) if you may look at the summary he showed me.  It’s very good and meets the requirements 🙂 Go Matt!


Alsoooo….I will soon edit the deadlines for Parts 1,2 & 3.

You guys are stars, I’m looking forward to seeing the fruit of all your hard work.

See you next Tuesday.

9B English

Group 1

Find the etymology of the four sort prefixes:  re- ex- in- de-

Choose THREE words from each list (total 12 words) and find the etymology of each.

For example  decrease.  what is the origin and meaning of  a)the prefix de-  and  b)the rest of the word crease.



Yr 9B

1)  Group 1

Old words glued in Word Study book

cut your new words and put in bag

2)  Group 2 

write new list into Word Study books

3) Whole Class:

Begin to memorise “Jabberwocky.” Recitations begin next Thursday 21 June, week 9.

Tonight you MUST read “The Highwayman”.

Year 8A & 8B

Begin rehearsing “Touch of the Master’s Hand” by Myra Welch.

Remember that recitals begin Monday 25th June, week 10.

If you are away that week you MUST arrange to recite earlier.

*Mikado students may recite an alternative  piece of equal length from Mikado if they wish.  Please see me.

Year 11’s 2B

A reminder that your reading in-class is this Thursday, periods 1&2!

Remember to read “The Beast With A Billion Eyes” Lev Grossman hint hint


Some of you have not handed in your Post-Modern lecture notes (A3 sheet)-this constitutes 10% of your Part 1 mark, so it’s worth getting them in 🙂

Year 8 Homework

Group 1:

a)  test on Friday


Group 2 & 3

a)  Old list glued in books

b)  New list cut up and put in bag

c)  Test on Friday


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