Year 8’s Film Language Test

Good evening Year 8’s

I have available a Film Language Chart to be handed out this Friday. Some students in 8A have received theirs already.
If you have not received one and would like to have it earlier than Friday you may collect one from me tomorrow.
The chart will need to be completed by the end of the term and handed in.
It will also be the basis of your test next week.
The test will be on Wednesday 26th and you will have time for preparation in class and at home.

I have tried to upload the chart but without success 😦

If I don’t see you tomorrow we’ll meet again on Friday.
Mrs Still 🙂


Last Week of Term

Just an update of what is happening in our classroom next week.

As most of you know I will heading off to Canberra with the Year 6 classes and Mr. Shane Foreman will be my substitute.

Mrs. Dyson will still be in there bringing calm and order.

Year 8’s will be starting their film review of How to Train Your Dragon and they will also have a test on film conventions.

Year 9’s will be continuing on with their study of The Hunger Games. Those who have not finished the novel are strongly encouraged to read as much as they can at home. Notes and preparation for the upcoming English exam (Week 1, Term 4) will also be handed out during this time.

Year 10’s will be studying for their exam. Mr. Graieg will be taking Monday and Wednesday classes to cover visual language in preparation for the exam. On exam days remember to eat a healthy low GI breakfast and bring in water. You may not bring in snacks. You may bring in a book to read if you finish early.

Yr 9’s ….again

Sorry everyone, I forgot to remind Mrs. Dyson’s reading group to remember to finish CHAPTER 7 by tonight.  Read further  if you can, you don’t have to limit yourself to this chapter.


Yr 10’s

Hello hardworking Yr 10’s,

Tomorrow you should be able to show me your plot lines:  cluster charts/flow chart or chain of events chart.

Have you started on your character analysis sheets?

Keep up the good work everyone 🙂

Come to class with your best stage voices!

Mrs. Still

Yr 9’s

Good evening everyone 🙂

Remember that tomorrow you should have ready your draft paragraph(s) which explain how you designed your dust jacket for The Hunger Games.

Some things to consider:

Who is the intended audience?

What is the genre of the novel?

What codes did you use when you created your dust jacket? Symbols/images/colour/font size and style/texture/words carefully chosen for your blurb.

Remember to discuss what meaning the codes infer or connotate for the intended audience.

Discuss how the codes establish or convey genre.

Tomorrow we will again use the overhead to model good responses.

Yr 8 Word Study

Connor caught in the middle.