Year 11 English

Hi all,

Just to let you know that I am having trouble uploading the doco, The Boy Boy Who Could See Without Eyes.

I will see if I can sort it out today.

Mrs. Still


Writing Competitions

Currently in all English classes we are working towards some big events in the coming year.

1.The Randolph Stowe Young Writers Award entries close on the 31st May.

2.The Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards for K-12 close on the 30th June.

3.The Written Portraits Awards.
Forming Circles in association with Green Olive Press is hosting its 2nd annual writing competition for young people.

4.Our FAME night promises to be a showcase of our English department with speeches, poetry performances, short story recitals and a few surprises up our sleeve! The Art, Drama and Dance departments are all gearing up to shine on this exciting night as well:)

5. Animal Farm is in production at the QPT on the 8th April and that morning we have cast members coming out to Strath to deliver a workshop for those students who are going to the show. If you haven’t already booked your ticket, time is almost up so rush in to Mrs. Kanini to pay your $12.00 and secure a ticket. It promises to be a great night.

6. Children’s Bookweek is coming up 12-16th August

7. Big Sky 4 Youth will be held on 13th September

8. The gorgeous looking “Make Your Own Story Book Competition” closes on 7th June.

Phew! That’s a big year.

Year 9

Dear all,

1. Homework for this coming week is to finish off that easy-peasy “Sentences” work booklet I gave you today. It is due next Thursday the 28th March.

If you are going away for the long weekend, remember that it is your responsibility to get it to me earlier.

Neatness is the order of the day. I WILL be giving you a whole fresh booklet to rewrite if you do not do your neatest writing in ball point or felt tip blue/black pen.

2. Start brainstorming your ideas for the speech you are to write. We will begin this task in earnest next week so put on your thinking caps.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Mrs. Still

Year 11’s Good Answers Guide

Dear all,

As we discussed in class earlier this week, the Stage 2 Good Answers Guide for 2013 is available to order from the College for $28:00. This is substantially more than I thought and I apologise for that.

Orders will be sent in at the end of next week Thursday 28th March. That will give you almost two weeks.

As a school policy, payment must be made to Mrs. Kanini, the Cashier at the front office, before your order will be sent through by me.

I personally recommend this text.

See you tomorrow.

Go hard at ACC!!


Mrs. Still

Yr 11’s

Just a little reminder that your good copy of your Autobiographical Incident is due on Monday the 18th March.

If your drafts are anything to go by, I am going to love your final pieces of work.

Well done, everyone 🙂

Remember to keep up with your reading of Chapter 3 “Journalism, News and Current Affairs: constructing reality” pages 51-55, 60(p/journalism)-61, 64-67, 70-72.

Mrs. Still

Yr 10’s

Hi all,

Ok, so we didn’t start Animal Farm this week, but we did lots of other productive work 🙂

Don’t forget to use the scaffolding sheet I gave you for your short story (if you need to), the draft of which is due this coming Monday the 18th March…

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs. Still

Year 9 Persuasive Letter

Dear all,


Well done on a terrific start to your letters today.


Remember that your draft is due in this coming Monday 18th March.


This morning we discussed using high modality language and you wrote it on your rubric.  Make sure you incorporate this feature into your letter.


If you are going to ACC you have my permission to email your letter; otherwise only a typed hard copy will do.
Yr9 Persuasive Letter Task Sheet

See you on Monday 🙂

Mrs.  Still


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