Year 10s Animal Farm

Dear Year 10s and parents,

Next week we will continue covering chapters 5-10 of Animal Farm. As we do this we will also begin to work on the essay response. Your draft should be completed by Monday May 13th.

I had told you that I was going to give you work to do on the holidays, but time did not permit me to get the task sheets to you. This is fine, we will continue on with that work together next week.

Your Chapter Test will be on Monday May 13th Week 2. You will be substantially prepared for this from next week’s in-class work and essay writing.

There is nothing to stop you working on your essay response this week if you feel you can begin to do this. We have already noted in our class discussions and writings the relevant passages in chapters 1-4 that would work well in an essay response.

I trust you are all having a rest and a lovely time with your family and friends. I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 🙂

Mrs. Still


Year 8

Hello everyone 🙂

Just a friendly reminder to do your PATS Test English online.

Remember that you are to do this ON YOUR OWN: this is a test.

The instructions are:

Username: first 6 Digits of student surname in capital letters and first 4 digits of first name capital letters
Password: password

You use the same username that you were given for the Maths PAT Test. It should be in your diary.

If you have completed the PATS Test and your results are in the system you will be able to attend the Year 9 Shakespeare presentation.

Thank you

Mrs. Still

Year 11 English

Great work on you representations, everyone. Thank you for you all you efforts.

As discussed in class today, for Friday you should analyse Image 1 (page 8) of the exam in light of our brainstorming.

In response to part A, write:
A thesis statement and an introduction
Three topic sentences for each paragraph of the rest of your essay

See you Friday 🙂

Year 10 English

Well done on another great class response to your set Animal Farm homework.

Consider how, in chapter two, the first two and last two Commandments differ to Commandments 3-5. What is the significance of the these differences in later events in the novel?

Instructions for Chapter 3 Worksheet:

1. Answer all questions on page 37 in DOT POINT form.
2. Read all of page 38.
3. Page 39 answer questions 1, 2, 3.
4. Page 40-41 answer questions 1,2,3,5.

*Continue working on your chapter summaries as you read the text and answer these questions.

Year 10 English

Well done to all those who completed last night’s homework.

A special thank you to the groups who presented on the different systems of government.

Tonight you are to complete pages 30-32 of the hand out on Chapter 2: Symbolism-Animal/Animal characteristics/Human Characteristcs AND Thought/thought processes.

Simple responses are all that is required, do not do long-winded answers. This is work that we must get through as quickly as possible.

If you can get through Part A of pages 33-34 Connotation/Denotation, that would be excellent! See how you go.


Mrs. Still.

Yr 11 2A English

Hi there,

Don’t forget that our first round of Group Presentations begin this Friday while the rest should be finished next Monday.


Mrs. Still 🙂

Year 10 English

Greetings Earthlings,

A quick update on what is due:
Wednesday 10th April: good copy of short story due
Next Monday 15th April: Draft of essay due
You should be well and truly finished reading the novel by now

Mrs. Still 🙂

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