Year 9 Hunger Games Dust Jacket

Hi Year 9s,

I have just had a query about whether the blurb on your dust jacket is to be written by you or are you to analyse the one on your book.

The answer is that you write your own blurb.

I apologise if that was not abundantly clear, I hope this helps if there was any confusion.


Mrs. Still


Yr 10 The Merchant of Venice

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder about your homework that is due tomorrow, period 1:

1. Complete a “Character Trait Chart” for each of the following characters:

You may put more than one character trait in the centre.

You do not have to find more than one example from the text at this point.

2. Read the summary notes in your text book about Act 1.iii (pages XIV-XVI)

3. Read the SparkNotes analysis of this scene as well-it’s quite useful.

4. Answer the questions I handed to you in class today. I will put up a copy of these questions. Just use dot points.

study qs Act 1.iii

See you tomorrow 🙂

Mrs. Still

Yr 9 Dust jacket

Hi everyone,

Please find attached an example of how you might write your Dust Jacket Review.


Mrs. Still
Dust Jacket Example

Year 10 “The Merchant of Venice” Act 1, ii

Hi everyone,

Here are the questions for this scene. Consider these questions and use dot points to answer. You may find some of them tricky to answer if you don’t do a bit of background research or read the contextual info I have given out over the last week.

Act 1, ii
Shakespeare often juxtaposes scenes (and therefore characters, settings, ideas) for a purpose. Read I, ii carefully to
see what purpose Shakespeare had in placing these scenes next to one another.

2. How does Venice differ from Belmont?

3. How does Portia and Nerissa’s relationship differ from Antonio and Bassanio’s?
How is it similar? Look at the way they speak. How does Shakespeare show
differences in their personalities and social stature through dialogue?

4. How is Portia’s mood similar and different from Antonio’s at the start of I,i?

5. How does Portia feel about her deceased father’s method of selecting a husband
for her? So far, how successful has it been in eliminating inappropriate suitors?

6. Portia mocks each of her potential suitors in turn. What faults does she see in
each one? How do those faults reflect the Elizabethan viewpoints of each of
these cultures? What is different about her criticism of Morocco?

7. How does Portia first encounter Bassanio? What kind of social status does he have?

8. Does Portia’s racism shock you?

Hi year 9s!

Here is the Task Sheet I handed out to everyone on Friday.

This task is due next Friday 30th August.Dust jacket

Write 4 Fun Competition

Hi everyone:-)

This looks like a terrific opportunity to get your work out there.

Why not have a go-you are all so talented!

I am happy to check your work before you submit it.

You can put in your RSYWA entry.

Write for Fun
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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

Benjamin Franklin.

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Year 9 English-Homework Clarification

Hi Year 9s,

I have just been speaking to one of our class members and it appears that your relief teacher has mistakenly given you the wrong work.

Please note that you are NOT expected to complete both worksheets.

Please carefully read below what is required of you:

Worksheet 1. Note-taking and summarising sample

Worksheet 2. Part One: Chapters 1-2
-Complete Note-taking and summarizing Chart
-Answer Q8 “Chapter 1” and Q 3 “Chapter 2” (page 31)
-Complete “The Cast of Characters” (page 32)
-Answer Qs 1-5 “Verb Tenses and Moods” (page 33)

Worksheet 3. Part One: Chapters 3-4
– Complete Note-taking and summarizing Chart
-Answer all the of the questions for “In Media Res” (pages 38-39)

Work to be completed by this Thursday.

You will not be having a test this Thursday 🙂

**Please note that “Bird in the Classroom” and “The Test” students are to see me in our classroom tomorrow lunch (Tuesday 20th).

See you then!


Mrs. Still

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