Year 9 English

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder about the homework that is due in next Monday Week 4 Feb 24:
Noun Posters
Noun Worksheets-corrected and neat

Those of you who did not get to hand in your Noun Poems MUST do so on Monday as well.

See you then,

Mrs. Still


Year 9 English

Dear all,

Please remember to have your Pearson English ebook downloaded.

You use the same username and password for all of your Pearson ebooks.

Please contact me (email or blog) if you are having trouble downloading the English ebook.


Mrs. Still 🙂

Year 9 English

Hello there everyone,

As you will remember, your Noun Poem was due today. Because I was not there, please be sure that you have them ready to hand in tomorrow!

Presentation is critical. No sloppy work, please. Take care with hand writing or typing.


Mrs. Still

2A English

Hi everyone,

I put up a post via my ph last night but it appears that it didn’t go on my blog. I’m terribly sorry about that!

Anyway, in effect, my post said that it appears that some of you are struggling with the homework and you may use today to work on it and refine it.

Please let your relief teacher know how it’s going today and IF we need to I we will finish it off together in class tomorrow, Wednesday.

Mrs. Still.

Year 11 2A English

This is your work to be completed by next Tuesday 18th Feb.
Read the extract from The Diary of Anne Frank for:
1. Why is she writing this diary? (purpose, audience and contact)
2. Your personal response to her “voice”, her “identity”
3. Identifing the elements of a narrative construction as outlined in Context and
Conventions including,
– focus and selection. (p.9)
– narrative structure (p.12)
– language and narratorial stance (p.16)
– creative licence (p.19) and
treatment of reality (p.130) as ‘faction’ (p.134) This is a new section!
Through your personal understanding AND working with a partner in class on Monday 17th find three examples of each narrative
element as used by Anne Frank.
Present each narrative element as a paragraph which has a topic sentence, portions of your three identified quotes or examples and an explanation demonstrating your understanding of the meaning being conveyed by each technique.

Year 10

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the late post.

Remember that your homework for tonight is to go over the hand out sheet I gave about Dark They were and Golden Eyed.

Do activities:
1 a), b)

2 a), b)-your paragraphs for this one only need to be a few sentences long, c) we answered this one quite extensively today in class, and d)

If you have finished these and want to extend yourself, complete activities 3 a)-e)

Activity 3 will be completed in class, so if you don’t do it at home, that’s ok.

Thank you for all your hard work, everyone. You are doing great!

Mrs. Still

Year 112A English

Dear all,

I cannot upload the Difficult Word Chart because I only have a photocopiable version. Please take one from the back of our room (on top of the cardboard shelving) if you want one. I will place them there today.

Please remember the homework that is due tomorrow periods 6&7.

During that time I will also be pausing to have a look at all the homework that has been due this week (notes/annotations from your Chapter 1 Contexts and Conventions reading AND from your short story reading of The Hanging.

Homework due tomorrow:

1. Identify key passages or words that contribute to the theme(s) of The Hanging. Explain in your own words the theme(s).

2. Read and take notes of Chapter 2 Contexts & Conventions for characterisation.

3. Create a Codes of Characterisation Table (p.32 Contexts & Conventions) for the prisoner, the superintendent, Francis the head jailer and the Indian warders. Can you find at least 3 textual signs for each?

See you then.

Mrs Still

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