Year 11 2A English

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that we meet tomorrow recess and into period 4. Aims of this lesson:

1. Deconstruct Gasland
2. Preparation for in-class on Wednesday

See you then 🙂

Mrs. Still


Yr 10 English

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that you are to complete the Pre-Reading Reflection Questions as best as you can by this coming Thursday 27th March.

Those of you involved in 80 Days Around the World will have until next Tuesday. Try and complete them tonight so that you aren’t snowed under.

Blessings 🙂

Mrs. Still

2A English

Hi everyone,

Please remember to be reading, highlighting, and annotating the viewing handouts I gave you last week.

This is for your own study and is important. Don’t let yourself down.

See you tomorrow at recess for Gasland.


Mrs Still


Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that the 2014 English Stage 2 Good Answers Guide will be available from the beginning of next term.

This is a useful text and strongly recommended.

The cost is $28.00 plus postage (which depends on how many I order, but will be between $1.00-$2.00 each).

Orders are being taken now. I will put my order in next week.

Please let me know if you would like me to put your order on with mine.

Bring in the money by the end of week 8.


2A English-I have another idea…

I will be viewing “Punchdrunk” at lunch time Thursday 20th, in our library classroom.

Please bring your lunch-knock on library door.

See you there.

Mrs. Still

2A English-I don’t mean to hound you, but…

Remember to study those hand outs that I gave you today!

2A English

Just to let you know that the viewing in-class will be a choice of ONE of two questions, as set by the exam paper.

I am sorry I was indecisive about that this afternoon.


Mrs. Still

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