2B English-Viewing Section Notes

Hi everyone,

I didn’t give you the photocopies of the Viewing Section Chapter.

They will be in my room first thing tomorrow.  Find them on the
little desk at the back of the room just as you walk in.
Tania Still

Homework update and class plan is up

Yr 11 2B English

Today’s links and homework date reminders are up.

Year 11 2B English

New  Revised Task Sheet is up

Yr 11 2B English

Task sheet is up – and it’s before midnight 🙂

Year 8s

Just a reminder that you will be sitting the PATS test on Thursday afternoon, 11th September.  Please make sure that you bring your device-an iPad or laptop (if you must).  I can provide an iPad or computer (not ideal) if necessary, just let me know as soon as you can.


Year 8 English

Homework up :-))

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