Yr 12 Stage 3 English

Hi everyone,

Please see new notifications on ediary 🙂


Yr 12 3A English

Task sheets are up 🙂


Yr 10 English

Homework is up

Year 12 Stage 3 English

Homework is up.

Yr 12 Stage 3 English

Year 12s, please bring to Monday’s tutorial the exercise books I gave you for note taking.

Year 12 3A English

Just a quick note on handouts for fellow students:

Title, Chapter and name on top.
Have headings:  main ideas, personal response, genre conventions, literary devices etc.
Just put in dot points under your headings, have attached any news/feature articles that relate and Bob’s your uncle!

Yr 12 3A English

Please be sure to have read at least the first two chapters of Nine Parts by tomorrow.

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