Year 10

Class work for 19/5/2015 is up 🙂


Yr 10 English

Due:  Wed 6th, Week 3

STUDY & be prepared to answer comprehension questions on Chapter 4 of Animal Farm.

Read “Plot & Structure” notes in Oxford Literature Companion p. 11-12.  Take notes & be prepared to do Activity 4, questions 1-4 p.12.

Due Fri 8th, Week 3

STUDY chapters 5 & 6 of Animal Farm. 

Be prepared to answer comprehension questions.

Read “Plot & Structure” notes in Oxford Literature Companion p. 13-15

Year 10 English

Due Week 3 Tues 5th May Have read chapters 3 & 4 of Animal Farm

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24/4 Old Major’s Speech Due 29/4

Hi everyone,

The ediary is down for maintenance so I am using the blog to remind you to complete Old Major’s speech activity-NOT Napolean’s speech! Apologies for that 🙂

Read pages 7-9 of the Oxford Literature Companion and complete Activity 1 on page 7.

If you were absent when I gave this homework, please note that I have given out a printed version of the speech and you DO NOT have to write it all out by hand.

Yr 10 English

Homework is up

Yr 10 English

Three pieces of homework info is up.

Year 10 English

Homework’s up! 🙂

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