Year 9 English

Due:  6th May

Complete Unit 13 Monday night and Unit 14 Tuesday night.

  • Pearson Year 8 Activity Book Unit 13: Subjects & Verbs. Language in Use (1,2,3). Do not do Spelling Practice p. 36
  • Pearson Year 8 Activity Book Unit 14: Clauses. Language in Use (1,2,). Do not do Building on Language or Spelling Practice pp. 36-40

Year 9 English

Due Week 3, Wednesday 6th May

Go through your short story and correct all of the direct speech conventions.

Other grammar corrections will be worked on later; just focus on this aspect for now.

If in doubt, check the hand-outs you have been given in class so that you have the “rules” for the speech conventions.

Yr 9 English

Your homework is up 🙂


Yr 9 English

Surfing Homework:

Just a reminder that you are to colour in the text where you found the information to get your answers.

Don’t just colour the question.


Homework update and class plan is up

Year 9s

You have a new post regarding the Envoy exercise. This is for the whole class-please check.

Year 9s

You have h/w

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