Year 10 English

Please meet me at S01 Computer Room on Friday morning, period 1,  for PATS Testing.


Yr 9 English (1)

Please remember to bring your Accelerated Reader book to English every Wednesday.

Yr 10 English

Due:  Wed 6th, Week 3

STUDY & be prepared to answer comprehension questions on Chapter 4 of Animal Farm.

Read “Plot & Structure” notes in Oxford Literature Companion p. 11-12.  Take notes & be prepared to do Activity 4, questions 1-4 p.12.

Due Fri 8th, Week 3

STUDY chapters 5 & 6 of Animal Farm. 

Be prepared to answer comprehension questions.

Read “Plot & Structure” notes in Oxford Literature Companion p. 13-15

Year 9 English

Due:  6th May

Complete Unit 13 Monday night and Unit 14 Tuesday night.

  • Pearson Year 8 Activity Book Unit 13: Subjects & Verbs. Language in Use (1,2,3). Do not do Spelling Practice p. 36
  • Pearson Year 8 Activity Book Unit 14: Clauses. Language in Use (1,2,). Do not do Building on Language or Spelling Practice pp. 36-40

Year 9 English

Due Week 3, Wednesday 6th May

Go through your short story and correct all of the direct speech conventions.

Other grammar corrections will be worked on later; just focus on this aspect for now.

If in doubt, check the hand-outs you have been given in class so that you have the “rules” for the speech conventions.

Year 10 English

Due Week 3 Tues 5th May Have read chapters 3 & 4 of Animal Farm

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24/4 Old Major’s Speech Due 29/4

Hi everyone,

The ediary is down for maintenance so I am using the blog to remind you to complete Old Major’s speech activity-NOT Napolean’s speech! Apologies for that 🙂

Read pages 7-9 of the Oxford Literature Companion and complete Activity 1 on page 7.

If you were absent when I gave this homework, please note that I have given out a printed version of the speech and you DO NOT have to write it all out by hand.

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