Class Work for 19/5/15


Read & study Chapter 6.

Answer the following comprehension questions:

  1. What problems do the animals run into in building the windmill? How are these problems solved?
  2. What major problems regarding supplies begin to surface?
  3. Why did it become necessary to trade with humans?
  4. Who always interrupts to remind the animals ―Four legs good, two legs bad,‖ and what is their purpose?
  5. Why was Squealer sent around to the animals this time?
  6. Who is Mr. Whymper?
  7. To where do the pigs move? How are these new arrangements justified?
  8. What rhetorical question is Squealer fond of using? Infer why he continues to ask this particular question.
  9. How does Napoleon react to the destruction of the windmill? Who does he blame? Why do you think he does this?
  10. Infer why Napoleon chose to react this way, as opposed to just accepting that the weather destroyed the windmill.
  11. Why does Napoleon immediately order the animals to begin reconstruction of the windmill?

When complete, silent reading of Animal Farm or get a book from the library to read.



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