Year 9s. Hunger Games Sites

Hi everyone,

Here are some sites I have previously put up for parents/caregivers and students.

You might find them interesting because they discuss The Hunger Games from a Christian worldview.

See you on Monday 🙂

Mrs Still


Year 9s. Test Info for Tomorrow

Hi Year 9s,

Just giving you a bit of a heads up about tomorrow’s test.

You will need to know the SYNONYM of each of the following words:
fractured, subsequent, fragmenting, audible, lethargy, inflict.

You will need to know the ANTONYM of each of the following words:
doggedly, subtly, decadent, fretful, inadequate, despondency.

Remember to find the BASE word when you are looking up words in the dictionary. The words that I have italicised in the above lists are words that you need to find the base word for.
For example, when looking up fractured find the word fracture. When looking up despondency find the base word despondent.


Mrs Still 🙂

Year 11 2B English Advertising

Hi Year 11s,

Here is the Task Sheet and the Marking Key for Task 3.

Ad Marking Key

Task Sheet

I will give you the Viewing Marking Key for your in class when we go over the Viewing Section together.

Feel free to see me at lunch tomorrow if you want to go over anything.

Otherwise, I will see you on Wednesday in class.

Mrs. Still:-)

Year 10s “The Merchant of Venice”

Hi Year 10s,

My apologies for the late post.

Here is your homework due Monday 9th September. You will find questions related to Act 11.ii- Act 11.vii.

Scenes vi and vii may be completed with a partner in class.

Qus Act 11.ii-vii

You may also find this site useful to learn Roman numerals:

There are lots of other sites to learn from, have a look around 🙂


Mrs. Still

Year 9 English “The Hunger Games”

Hi everyone 🙂

Here is your homework that you wrote on your diaries today.

You should do a bit of it tonight, some more tomorrow night and then finish it off during Period 4 on Monday 9th. I won’t be there on Monday, remember, so this is your work to finish off for the sub teacher.

Don’t try and do it all in period 4, you won’t manage.

1. Chapters 5/6 Summary
-Do not do the cover page of this. If you have already done it, fantastic! I have a little treat for you 🙂 If you haven’t done, you won’t be penalised.
-page 43: Chap 5 Question 4
Chap 6 Question 3
-all of page 44-48

2. Chapters 7-9 Summary
-Make sure you DO the cover page of this one, complete the whole hand out pages 51-55.

3. “Historical Context: Look at Propaganda”
-read the whole hand out
-answer questions 1-8

4. “Historical Context: Roman Influences. Friends, Romans, Countrymen”.
-Read the whole hand out and highlight the main ideas.

5. Next thursday’s Test will be on Chapters 15-16 (simple multiple choice) and 17-18 (study the synonyms and antonyms of your word list for this test). I will give you the words later.


Mrs. Still

Year 10 “Merchant of Venice” Homework

Hi everyone,

I just want to reiterate the instructions that I gave you today about answering the homework questions for this text.

Consider them as points of discussion and answer them neatly in bullet form.

Each question has one-three questions in it-just answer them in a holistic way, don’t labour over them to produce paragraph long responses. These questions are simply to stimulate your thinking about the themes and issues in the play and also to feed back into the conversations we have been having in class.

Your responses will show me that a) you have read the play and that b) you are responding to the language and context.

If you write up on your iPad, I would like you print off your answers and put them in your folder.


Mrs. Still 🙂

Year 10s The Merchant of Venice Homework

Dear all,

here is the homework as promised.

Homework Acts1.iii-2

You might also be interested in these:

See you tomorrow,

Mrs. Still

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